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Natural precious gemstones
on our beautiful earth

Natural precious gemstones on our beautiful earth

​On a Monday afternoon, we spent hours browsing in this cozy gemstones shop, seeing the jewelry experts bustled in and out of the shop. Some of them sorted and matched the required gemstones for their company; some of them were craftsmen who needed to find the replaced gemstones for the old jewelry according to their client request; and some of them just like us, wanted to find the best selection of the gemstones for the next design. Many of the people just say hi when they walked past the shop. The owner has a really close relationships with his clients and the neighbours.

This natural gemstones supplier has over 40 years of gemstones sourcing expereince, his gemstones collections come from worldwide. We told him we wanted to design jewelry for everyday occasions, easily matches with daily outfits. Since every natural gemstones are unique, we believe their beauty shouldn't be only judged by their carats, but its own unique characteristics. Therefore we make sure every design showcases the best and uniqueness of the gemstones instead of placing huge and pricey stones in each of our jewelry pieces. Besides, to make sure our jewelry remains in high quality standard, we chose to use karat gold as its colours last for years, unlike the other metals. This is the secret of Meselfes designed jewelries that can remain glamorous for all time."How about the 58-facet round brilliant-cut diamond from Belgium; fancy colored diamond from India, blue sapphire from Sri Lanka; ruby from Thailand." he suggested to us. 

Everytime when we are selecting the gemstones in the shop, the shop owner shares his excellent eyes to sort the best one, and also his deep knowledge of the gemstones. Those few hours are always a wonderful intensive learning experience.

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