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Our Jewelry craft house

"Meselfes is fresh and innovative, and passion for fine jewelry design that's easy to mix and match in daily life. We hope our Jewelry can be your favourite everyday wear."
Meselfes craft house

"Life lived with sharing" @Meselfes craft house, Hong Kong

Craftsman, Michael

Everything started in 1970s, Hong Kong.

During the 70s, Hong Kong was famous in manufacturing jewelry, the jewelry industry was booming.

In 1976, Michael joined the jewelry manufacturing company as an apprentice after he graduated from college. During the 16 years, he was promoted as a Supervisor managing over 30 craftsmen.

In 1992, Michael was invited to be a business partner for a jewelry casting company. In his 3 years partnership journey, he learnt the skills for running a company.


In 1995, Michael established his own jewelry casting company generated orders from all around the world. Over these 20 years, not only working on crafting tasks like stonesetting, jewelry polishing, but also casting different types of Karat Gold from 9ct to 24ct, Platinum and Palladium.


Michael discovered a perfect ratio in casting Rose Gold after repeated trial and error attempts. The amount of gold and alloys are just right that make the Rose Gold more durable, less oxidation reactions and more shiny in its unqiue pink color.

Today, he works with her daughter's brand - Meselfes, expertly craft each Meselfes jewelry piece in our Jewelry craft house.

Designer, Co-founder, Millet

Millet is a designer and an art lover, her designer dream begins at 3. 


"Every time when I finished my so-called, masterpiece, from kindergarten, my dad pinned it on the wall so that everyone can admire it. That was such a great encouragment in recognising my artwork, my passion in art based largely on the encouragement from my family and friends."

Millet and her team won several international awards for outstanding creative group projects during her 4 years of University in design. With the worldwide recognision on the artwork, she became more confident in continuing her journey in becoming a designer.

​After graduation, she set her foot in the multimedia industry, worked for several international companies as a designer. Her designer motto is "Stay curious, follow the heart, be open minded and dare to try new things", she always aspires to become better than her yesterday self. After staying in the same industry for 7 years, she believes it's time to start a new chapter in life.

Her designer genes now lead her to begin this new venture. Joining Meselfes as a designer is challenging yet exciting. She starts to sketch up her favourite vintage style of jewelry on a paper, visualizes them on Rhino software, and works with the Jewelry craftsmen together. She hopes she can translate her desired moods, her messages and ideas, into each piece of meaningful everyday jewellery that live with the people.

Meselfes design house

"Do what you love!" @Meselfes design house, Hong Kong

Living in Tokyo, every day is a venture.

Every day is a venture, starts from "Ganbaru" @Tokyo, Japan

Life in Nagano, simple joys in life bring true happiness

"Simple joys in life bring true happiness" @Nagano, Japan

Life in Nagano, spending time with your loved ones

"Spending time with your loved ones" @Nagano, Japan

Strategy, Co-founder, Nicole

Nicole mission is to bring the craftsmen and the designer together. It's a pretty steep learning curve as everything started from zero. It was lucky that we have the support of the family's jewelry craft house. Throughout these months, we have learnt a lot from Michael with his team of craftsmen.

After graduated with her bachelor's degree, she had a stable job as a marketer. It was a comfortable life but she also started getting lost when it came to the 9th year of her working life. Remembered one rainy day in 2016. When she left office at 6pm as usual, she looked up to the dark cloudy sky and had a sudden realization that something was missing in her life. This feeling was not only happen in this gloomy day, it has been quite a while. "What do I want to do with my life?" She asked herself. Maybe it's a moment to hit the pause button and made a change of her journey, she thought.

It took her several weeks to convince the family to let her settle herself in Toyko. The first few months as an expat in Japan, she could only shop the daily food in supermarket because of the language barrier. Things got better when it came to the month of 11th, she was confident enough to visit a farmer hostel in a rural village in Nagano. During a week of staying, the farmer family shared their story from an engineer to a farmer, also showed her the way of living a fullfilling life. Their 2 story house that built by themselves was just so beautiful, speechless. The kids had their own reading corner, while the mother had the fully equipped boulangerie kitchen. The village was growing their own food, the relationships of each other was good enough to share their own crops. Their attitude toward life swayed her beliefs of success and happiness.

In the 18th month in Japan, she had reached a point where she wanted to back home and made a fresh start. By coincidence, Millet shared the same startup idea with her. Nicole's family was in the Jewelry industry for more than 40 years and she was interested in taking it furthur by creating a designer brand. For better understanding of the beautiful gems on this planet, she enrolled to a FGA gemmology course and hopefully get the gemmological qualification in 2 years time. 

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