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Our story begins here...

Meselfes's design house

This is 9:40pm again, at Meselfes's design house.

We have spent the whole month to design our first collection - Be the flow. 

"Are we ever gonna make this come true?" This thought has been dwelling on our mind since we set out to begin this Meselfes journey.

Since we graduated, we were going with the flow. We had a stable job, met some lovely colleagues. The everyday pattern was just comfortable enough for us to start and end the day the same way.

Deep down in our heart, we felt like there were something missing in our life. Our old dream that we had always chatted about. 


"Is our life better off without changing or should we bring this buried treasure back to life?"

It's a sunny day of last year summer. We thought it would be nice to spend our afternoon chilling out on the beach together, with the bright sun blazing down on us.

"Should we break the chain of this recurring pattern of our life?" Millet asked.


Millet is a designer who started her first painting class when she's 3, and she devotes most of the time in painting and drawing.

"Like what?" I wondered.

"Jewelry design in Millet's style. Simple and Vintage." Millet said, I can see the passion in her eyes.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." The quote from Leonardo da Vinci suddenly popped up in my mind.

Although my family has been in the jewelry industry for more than 40 years, it's something totally new to me.

"How about you master the Rhino software to draw jewellery, while I take the Gemmology course to study gems stones?" I proposed. My inner fire started to reignite from that moment.

Sunny day of last year summer
2 dream catchers from Hong Kong, Meselfes founders

"Right on!" Millet beamed back. 

With the great support of my family's Jewellery craft studio, we are so lucky that we can bring our first collection - Be the flow, to life!

"Roads are made for journeys, not destinations" - Confucius. No matter what the future holds, we know 'now' is a moment to follow our heart.

The "Be the flow" collection is inspired by the concept 'now'. Time flies, our 'now' moments become memories. 

The dazzling sapphire and magnificent diamonds represent the most cherish moments that we want to add in our life albums.

"Don't go with the flow. Be the flow." This is the secret in all times to live the life that we all wanted!

We are  2 dream catchers from Hong Kong, Millet and Nicole.

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