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Ruby: Birthstone of July

Cabochon Round Ruby
Cabochon Round Ruby

For thousands of years, Ruby was considered as the stone that can bring good luck and protection to its owner, as well as love, confidence, loyalty and courage. Ruby is the gemstone of those born in July, under the Cancer sun-sign. It was believed that people born in July are more passionate and love Adventures.


Ruby and Sapphire are 2 famous members in Corundum gemstone family. Ruby is a tough mineral, second-hardest precious stone after diamond with a hardness of 9.0 as measured on Mohs scale. The word ruby is derived from the Latin rubeus, meaning "red". A Ruby is made of Aluminum Oxide (Al2 O3), its color is from pinkish to purplish or brownish red colored gemstones, depending on the chromium (Cr) and iron (Fe) content of the stone.

紅寶石是剛玉家族一份子,和藍寶石同屬一家人。硬度為9, 僅次於世上最堅硬 - 硬度為10的鑽石。紅寶石英文Ruby 源自拉丁文的Rubeus,意思是紅色。紅寶石的化學成分為三氧化二鋁(Al2O3),因微量元素鉻(Cr)和鐵(Fe)而呈現為紅至粉紅色。

The more the ruby’s color is strictly red, the more valuable the ruby. Ruby's color in the sunshine is most beautiful. Meselfes suggests that the best time to wear Ruby ​​jewelry is on a sunny day. I don't mean it's a good idea to wear it while you are surfing, unless you have a reason to do so! XD


'Pigeon blood' ruby is said to be the most beautiful ruby in the world. I wonder if anyone knows the meaning of pigeon blood? Indeed pigeon blood red doesn't mean the blood color of the pigeon. When pigeons fly for long hours, their eyes turn to red when they're exhausted. And the pigeon blood red color actually means the red eyes of the pigeon (Sounds like a horror story? :P)

「鴿血紅」的紅寶石是被認為最好看的顏色。不知大家又知否 「 鴿血 」 的意思是指甚麼呢? 「鴿血紅」指的並不是鴿的血色。而是指當鴿子飛行萬里,筋疲力盡的時候,充滿血絲紅眼睛的顏色。(那是恐怖小說的情節嗎 :P)

There are many synthetic gemstones in the market today, and most of them are mass produced from the factory. Meselfes believes that to being special and unique, the beautiful natural gemstone jewelry is a must item. Meselfes promises to use the best selection of the natural gemstones for every piece of our designer fine jewelry. All natural quality gemstones are purchased from the reputable gemstones dealer who have over 40 years experiences in the natural gemstones business.

現今市面有太多的合成寶石都是經由工廠大量生產。但Meselfes 認為既然被稱為寶石,那我們當然要選天然才可以算是矜貴的,獨一無二的。所有Meselfes 的本地原創設計首飾都是選用的天然寶石。而所有天然寶石都是由逾40多年信譽良好的天然寶石商裡精心挑選採購回來。

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