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[Set] BE THE FLOW CLASSIC in 18k gold, Sapphire and Diamonds

[Set] BE THE FLOW CLASSIC in 18k gold, Sapphire and Diamonds

This is a set with ring and a pair of earrings. 18k gold with one round Royal Blue Sapphire, and two brilliant diamonds. The finished ring is about 1.3mm thick. Great for everyday wear.

Gemstones name: Each jewelry pieces features one round royal blue natural sapphire (September birthstone)
Gemstones carat: 0.11 Carat
Gemstones origin: Sri Lanka

Diamonds: Each jewelry pieces features two brilliant diamonds (April birthstone)
Diamonds Cutting: Brilliant 58 facet cut diamond
Diamonds carat: 0.04 Carat in total
Diamonds origin: Belgium

Ring thickness: Approx 1.3mm
Color of 18k gold: Available in 18k rose gold, 18k yellow gold and 18k white gold


All Meselfes jewelry pieces are designed by local designer, made by skilled craftsman. Each piece is strictly quality control by Meselfes to make sure they are all unique and beautiful. All designs are made of 18K750 gold / platinum PT950 with natural diamonds / natural stones. All natural quality gemstones are purchased from the reputable gemstones dealer who have over 40 years experiences in the natural gemstones business.


/ Designer’s thoughts / 

We designed the first collection of Meselfes - “Be the Flow” - as an encouragement for you to shake off alarmist comments, and to live out your own wonderful moments. The collection is inspired by the concept of ‘now’. As time flies, our moments of ‘now’ will become memories in the next. The dazzling gemstones symbolize our most cherished moments. No matter what will happen, we should reclaim our time and create more wonderful moments for ourselves. “Don’t go with the flow. Be the flow.” Indeed, this was what prompted us to set out on the journey of Meselfes. 

為了互相勉勵大家擺脫旁人的危言聳聽,活出屬於自己的精彩時光,我們設計了Meselfes的第一款系列 - 【Be the Flow】。這個系列是受到「時光」的概念啟發。時光飛逝,我們這一刻的「現在」,下一秒便成回憶。閃爍的寶石代表了我們想要珍藏的時刻。無論結果如何,我們要把青春還給自己,製造更多屬於自己的美好時光,Be The Flow。而事實上,這正是我們踏上這次Meselfes旅程的理念。


/ The story behind Be The Flow collection / 

It was a fine day. We were walking along streets in search of inspiration, trying to refresh ourselves. Suddenly, the aroma of coffee greeted us, leading us to a small café to enjoy a moment of serenity. It was a relaxing space: a small shop with European design, soft music and subtle coffee scent. My friend and I always have so much to talk about, from career to family, friends and life. Just as we were chatting jubilantly, there was a commotion, with people pouring into the café. Behind the window was a patter; it was raining. The small café had few seats, so it didn’t take long for the crowd to surround our cozy corner by the window. The peaceful little café instantly took a lively turn while we stopped chatting and became listeners. 



“This job is so boring!” A girl in front of us grumbled. “So you have said for seven years,” her friend by her side was a bit irritated. “But the pay is quite high, and it is a large, dream company for many people!” she justified her decision. I guess that was what people call a high position with a handsome salary. No matter how much people hate it, they still cling on to the glorious halo for dear life, only to take pleasure in the envy of others. 



Our attention abruptly shifted to the clamoring of a young couple near us; they appeared to be arguing over wedding customs. In short, the bridegroom’s side insisted on traditional customs while the bride found that out of fashion and a waste of money. “Whose wedding is this?” The girl suddenly slammed the table. Perhaps there was no right or wrong in the matter, but was the face of relatives worth the couple’s relationship? I thought to myself. We did not wait around for the boy’s reply and went straight to the cashier for the bill, leaving behind the haggard urban faces pervading the café. However, what I heard lingers on. Why do modern people seem to live for others, drifting along the flow decided by others’ schedules? How much more time and effort would it take us to become an elite in the eyes of others? The question popped into my head. 



All finished product is presented in an elegant gift box that made in Japan.


Thank you so much for supporting Meselfes online shop, hope you find your favourite jewelry here. 


Questions? Just contact us now and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • How to find your ring size?

    Meselfes offers a comprehensive ring size guide for you to find out your perfect ring size. Click here to learn more.

  • Our Craftsman

    Everything started in 1970s, Hong Kong.

    During the 70s, Hong Kong was famous in manufacturing jewelry, the jewelry industry was booming. In 1976, Michael joined the jewelry manufacturing company as an apprentice after he graduated from college. During the 16 years, he was promoted as a Supervisor managing over 30 craftsmen. In 1992, Michael was invited to be a business partner for a jewelry casting company. In 1995, Michael established his own jewelry casting company generated orders from all around the world. Over these 20 years, not only working on crafting tasks like stonesetting, jewelry polishing, but also casting different types of Karat Gold from 9ct to 24ct, Platinum and Palladium.

    Today, he works with her daughter's brand - Meselfes, expertly craft each Meselfes jewelry piece in our Jewelry craft house.

  • Meselfes promises

    Meselfes promises to use the best selection of the natural gemstones for every piece of our jewelry, and your item will be closely matched to the product photo on this page. Since each piece is custom handmade using natural gemstones, slight variations may occur.

  • Free ring resizing

    Meselfes wants you to feel comfortable with your size. If you didn't get it right the first time, Meselfes offers one free ring sizing within one month of purchase (excluding engraved rings) up to 2 sizes, shipping charges applied. Check out our FAQ page to learn more.

  • Made to order

    This is a made-to-order jewelry. Production will start once we receive your payment. Since each piece of Meselfes Jewelry is made by hand, please allow approximately 30 working days while crafting your jewelry. If your order is time sensitive, please contact Meselfes to make arrangements. You are always welcome to contact Meselfes for checking the progress of your order. Thank you for being patient with Meselfes.

  • International Shipping

    We love international customers.


    Upon purchasing any items at Meselfes shop, over 25 countries can enjoy global free shipping with our designated courier by registered parcels. You can also upgrade to FedEx International Economy service (charges applied). Please find the shipping costs on our FAQ page.


    Please note that our prices displayed on the website are exclusive of all duties and taxes. Your parcel may be subject to duties, taxes and other additional charges depending on your shipping destination. For further details, kindly contact your local customs office. The customer is responsible for the required duties and taxes levied by the destination region.

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