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THE FIRST CANDY in 18k gold, Green Sapphire

THE FIRST CANDY in 18k gold, Green Sapphire

18k solid gold ring features a 0.36-carat cushion natural green sapphire. The finished product is about 1.2mm thick. Great for everyday wear.

Gemstones name: Cushion natural green sapphire (September birthstone)
Gemstones carat: 0.36 Carat
Gemstones origin: Thailand
Ring thickness: Approx 1.2mm
Color of 18K gold: Available in 18k rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.

All Meselfes jewelry pieces are designed by local designer, made by skilled craftsman. Each piece is strictly quality control by Meselfes to make sure they are all unique and beautiful. All designs are made of 18K750 gold / platinum PT950 with natural diamonds / natural stones. All natural quality gemstones are purchased from the reputable gemstones dealer who have over 40 years experiences in the natural gemstones business.


/ Designer’s thoughts /

As we grow up and get to afford more, does it take more to be happy? Unlike before, we can no longer be overjoyed for a whole day over a piece of candy. At the same time, it gets harder to be appreciated and praised. As children, we could earn a thunderous applause for reciting a poem; but now, we can hardly earn sincere encouragement or approval even if we overachieve the targets. We may have a plentiful material life now, but it is the simple happiness and sympathetic people in our childhood for which we yearn. Meselfes wishes the Candy Collection will bring to your life colors and sweetness. The First Candy marks the launch of the Candy Collection; hopefully, it will help you recall the joy of your first candy. :)到底是否人大了,高興的條件也隨著物質的改善變得複雜起來。我們再難以像從前一樣,因為一顆糖果而快樂一整天;同時獲得欣賞和讚美的條件也好像變得苛刻起來。兒時可能只要背熟了一首詩詞,便獲得如雷的掌聲。但現在的我們,就算超額完成任務也難以得到一句真誠的鼓勵讚賞。或許現在的物質生活應有盡有,但我們還是懷念兒時那種簡單的快樂和懂得鼓勵別人的人們。Meselfes 希望透過這個Candy Collection 為生活帶來色彩、一點甜。而 ”The First Candy" 是糖果系列的第一隻,希望喚醒大家在得到第一顆糖果時的喜悅。:)

/ The story behind Candy Collection /
In the hottest weekend of the summer, eight of us gathered at home. We had not seen each other for a while. As we got together, among us were alcohol, game consoles and endless jokes. We kept on laughing and soon mealtime was passing. “Oh! Our dinner!” A friend suddenly realized that we had yet to have dinner. “No wonder I was so hungry,” another laughed. “But I don’t want to move!” said someone on the side tipsily. After a while, still no one was willing to leave the air-conditioned room which we had stayed in for the whole day. Truly, it was too muggy outside. “Then I am heading out to buy some takeaway,” I volunteered. Someone’s got to do it, might as well be me. That was some positive thinking! :P It was already 10pm. Only two fast food restaurants, a convenience store and a late-night food store were available nearby, nothing much else. I bought some fried chicken and fries at a fast food restaurant to go with the beer. At the convenience store, I bought some Japanese Oden to serve as the main dish (which we used to have after school) and a bunch of snacks as the dessert. I still remember how happy my friends used to be whenever they had those candies. Maybe it was time to bring back joyful childhood memories, I thought. 

夏季最炎熱的一個週末,我們一行八人相聚在家中。一陣子無見,大伙兒聚在一起,枱面上有酒精、遊戲機和說不完的笑話。大伙兒一起笑笑笑,很快晚飯時間都要過去了。「呀~ 我們的晚餐!」 一位朋友突然驚覺我們還未吃晚餐。「怪不得那麼餓」另一位朋友笑說。「但我不想動!」旁邊的朋友帶點醉意的說。然後又過了一會兒,仍然沒有人願意離開這個待了一整天的冷氣房。也對,外面實在是太悶熱了。「那我下去買外賣吧。」我自告奮勇的說。我不入地獄誰入? - 阿Q 的想法(笑)。那時已是晚上10時,附近就只有兩家速食店、一家便利店和一家開深宵的小店,然後就沒有太多選擇了。我在速食店買來下酒用的炸雞和薯條,到便利店買了幾款我們兒時放學後必吃的關東煮做主菜,再加上一堆零食糖果當甜品。我還記得朋友們每次只要吃上這包糖果,高興一整天的樣子。或許這是重溫童年快樂回憶的機會吧,我心想。

“Remember this Oden? And this pack of candies...” I took out the food I just bought one by one like they were treasures. “Today’s too hot for Oden!” “I gave up these candies long ago.” “You are still eating fried chickens and fries? We are not children anymore! We have the money for a proper meal...” Everyone chattered before I could finish. Feeling a bit helpless, I explained, “It was late and my options were limited.” “That’s why you should get a helper. It’s not that expensive, and dinner would have been prepared as we played!” I did not reply this time, only unpacking the food in silence. Soon, the unwelcome food was all cleared. I guess they really were hungry... What could have been a great gathering was ruined by my friends’ careless comments. I don’t blame anyone, but what happened still rankles.「還記得這個關東煮嗎?還有這包糖果...」我如數家珍的把剛買回來的食物逐一介紹。「這個大熱天還吃關東煮」「我都不吃這款糖果很久了」「你還在吃這個炸雞和薯條?我們又不是沒有多少零用錢的小孩子,我們要吃豐富的正餐啦」... 還未等我介紹完,大夥兒一人一句的評論著。「都甚麼時間了,附近營業的店已不多呀」我有點說不出的無奈解釋道。「所以嘛,我就是說你應該請個家務助理,也不是太貴,那我們剛才玩樂時候就有人準備好晚餐吧!」我沒有再回應,只把食物一一打開。很快,這堆不受歡迎的食物都被掃光了,我想他們真是太餓吧... 這原本是美好的聚會,卻因為各人無心的評論而有點壞了心情,我沒有太過怪責甚麼,只是直到現在還有點耿耿於懷。


All finished product is presented in an elegant gift box that made in Japan.


Thank you so much for supporting Meselfes online shop, hope you find your favourite jewelry here. 


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  • How to find your ring size?

    Meselfes offers a comprehensive ring size guide for you to find out your perfect ring size. Click here to learn more.

  • Our Craftsman

    Everything started in 1970s, Hong Kong.


    During the 70s, Hong Kong was famous in manufacturing jewelry, the jewelry industry was booming. In 1976, Michael joined the jewelry manufacturing company as an apprentice after he graduated from college. During the 16 years, he was promoted as a Supervisor managing over 30 craftsmen. In 1992, Michael was invited to be a business partner for a jewelry casting company. In 1995, Michael established his own jewelry casting company generated orders from all around the world. Over these 20 years, not only working on crafting tasks like stonesetting, jewelry polishing, but also casting different types of Karat Gold from 9ct to 24ct, Platinum and Palladium.


    Today, he works with her daughter's brand - Meselfes, expertly craft each Meselfes jewelry piece in our Jewelry craft house.

  • Meselfes promises

    Meselfes promises to use the best selection of the natural gemstones for every piece of our jewelry, and your item will be closely matched to the product photo on this page. Since each piece is custom handmade using natural gemstones, slight variations may occur.

  • Free ring resizing

    Meselfes wants you to feel comfortable with your size. If you didn't get it right the first time, Meselfes offers one free ring sizing within one month of purchase (excluding engraved rings) up to 2 sizes, shipping charges applied. Check out our FAQ page to learn more.

  • Made to order

    This is a made-to-order ring. Production will start once we receive your payment. Since each piece of Meselfes Jewelry is made by hand, please allow approximately 30 working days while crafting your ring. If your order is time sensitive, please contact Meselfes to make arrangements. You are always welcome to contact Meselfes for checking the progress of your order. Thank you for being patient with Meselfes.

  • International Shipping

    We love international customers.


    Upon purchasing any items at Meselfes shop, over 25 countries can enjoy global free shipping with our designated courier by registered parcels. You can also upgrade to FedEx International Economy service (charges applied). Please find the shipping costs on our FAQ page.


    Please note that our prices displayed on the website are exclusive of all duties and taxes. Your parcel may be subject to duties, taxes and other additional charges depending on your shipping destination. For further details, kindly contact your local customs office. The customer is responsible for the required duties and taxes levied by the destination region.

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